Done a Poo – Andrew Symonds

After the uproar over my last Done a Poo picture, I’d pretty much decided to retire the series but thanks to Australia’s Andrew Symonds, everyones favourite faecal feature is back!

Just in case you’ve missed it, Andrew Symonds has called New Zealand wicket keeper Brendon McCullum “a lump of shit“. No, really. You can read about it here and listen to the podcast here.

If you listen to the podcast all the way through (the McCullum quote comes towards the end), you might get the impression that Symonds had enjoyed a couple of tins of the amber nectar before going on air. According to the Fox Sports report:

Symonds denied being drunk but sources confirmed he was under the influence of alcohol when he spoke to Triple M’s Roy and HG

Methinks that Roy may have plenty of opportunity to indulge his passion for fishing over the coming months.

Anyway, in the meanwhile, here’s the latest entry to the Poo Hall of Fame. Enjoy.

Other members of the Poo Hall of Fame: Andrew Flintoff, Monty Panesar, Shoaib Akhtar

Thanks to Jrod for alerting me to the story

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Not Doing a Poo

Hello. Remember me? I’m the bloke who used to write a cricket blog and occasionally do silly pictures in Photoshop. It’s been a while, eh? Sorry about that…

I took some time out to have a holiday in America last month which explains part of the reason I’ve not updated the site for a while but, to be honest, there was a period where I wondered if I’d ever update the site again.

You see I got some nasty comments and emails from some folk about the Shoaib Akhtar picture I did. These people also saw the Monty Panesar pic, put two and two together and decided I was a racist. I deleted the comments from the blog because I didn’t really think they were the kind of thing people would want to read but this only made the situation worse as my inbox filled up with hate mail.

I am not racist. Some of my best friends have done a poo.

Anyway that, along with my lack of Sky coverage (the IRA* won’t let me have a satellite dish on my flat), Englands abysmal ODI series and, of course, the terrorist outrage in Mumbai left me feeling decidely unbloggy. And before you ask, that’s a real word.

However, after several weeks of staring at a blank WordPress screen, I’m back. Be gentle with me.

* IRA – Ickenham Residents Association

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Done a Poo – Shoaib Akhtar

It’s all quiet on the cricket front so it must be time to dust down an old favourite. Yes, folks. It’s the Done a Poo series. Huzzah!

The latest member of the Poo Hall of Fame is the Rawalpindi Express himself, Shoaib Akhtar. You know, the chap that twatted his team mate with a bat, slapped his coach, got banned, un-banned and then banned again…and again…and again…The cheeky little blighter.

Still, this honour should cheer him up a bit, eh?

Other members of the Poo Hall of Fame: Andrew Flintoff, Monty Panesar

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Done a Poo – Monty Panesar

Blinking blimey! A Flintoffs Ashes series that has actually managed to make it to a second post! Whatever will they think of next, eh?

Well in the second instalment of the..ahem..ever popular Done a Poo series, we’re proud to present to you the Sikh of Tweak, Monty Panesar.

Previous Done a Poo posts: Andrew Flintoff

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Done a Poo – Andrew Flintoff

One of my favourite non-cricket blogs is Scaryduck. It never fails to make me laugh with it’s toilet based humour, the condensed films series and stories involving the author being sick inna hedge. Hey there’s even a slight cricket related edge to the blog with the Scaryduckworth Lewis Method.

One of Scaryducks other blogs is called Done a Poo. Here’s what Mr Duck has to say about the site.

The world lacks, I have decided, a website of badly doctored images containing the words “Done a Poo!” So, here it is.

And you know what? I think he’s onto something here and, therefore, I have decided to take a leaf out of his book and start another series that will go the same way as Photoshop Friday and not survive longer than one post a new series. The world lacks, I have decided, a series of badly doctored cricket images containing the words “Done a Poo!”. So here it is.

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