Helmets for Umpires?

According to this article from Reuters, Daryl Harper is suggesting that Twenty20 umpires start wearing baseball style helmets to protect themselves.

Given the pace with which some of the players hit those shots, it’s becoming really dangerous for us. In one of the games, Sanath’s (Jayasuriya) shot hit me so hard that I was feeling breathless for a while. And (Matthew) Hayden’s hits have brushed my ears a few times as well.
Quote by Daryl Harper

Initially I thought this was a load of old bollocks but then, in a moment of clarity or, indeed, a rare moment of sobriety, I thought why not combine the helmet protection with some modern technology?

US F-35 fighter pilots now use a helmet which effectively allows them to fly the plane just by looking at data superimposed on their visors. They only have to look at a target and – whoosh – their goes another payload of friendly fire. So why not give the umpires a nice, shiny helmet to protect them from getting one in the face and also incorporate stuff like Hawkeye, Snicko, HotSpot and all that other stuff at the same time?

Not only would it protect the little loves from getting a nasty bump on the bonce but it would also improve their decision making. No more hanging around waiting for third umpires. No more LBWs when the ball has pitched outside the line. No more caught behinds off non-existent edges.

It’s genius, I tell you.

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