Two Not Out

Somehow I managed to miss the fact that the Flintoffs Ashes blog was 2 years old the other day. Yep, it was two years ago on 13th September that I relaunched the site as a cricket blog and I single handedly forgot to celebrate.

What a twat.

So, rather belatedly, I thought I’d wish myself a Happy Birthday and look back on some of the stuff I’ve posted over the last two years.

The most popular post since the relaunch has been the Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath Little Britain post. It still gets hundreds of views a month despite being nearly two years old. It consists of 56 words and one picture. Maybe that’s the key to successful cricket blogging. Fewer words, more pictures taking the piss out of Australian cricketers. There’s a lesson to be learnt there, kids.

Taking the piss out of Australians also features in the second most popular post – Barmy Army v Fanatics and the next few in the list are all the match reports from the 2005 Ashes series so there’s a definite trend occurring here. Let’s hope England can batter the Aussies in the 2008 Ashes series and I can be top of the pile once more. Mwhahaha!

Other stuff that folks seem to have enjoyed include the one where I question cricket players sexuality, that one about sitting down, the one about the one legged bunny boiler and the pic of Forrest Clark.

Have a delve through the archives and let me know what your favourite posts have been over the last couple of years.

One of the things that disturbed me looking back through two years worth of stats is the sheer volume of people who come to Flintoffs Ashes – a cricket blog, let’s not forget – looking for pictures of Dawn French. Naked. It’s all thanks to this one blog post. I hope they go away..ahem..satisfied.

Some of the other funny stuff that people search for include

  • we are the army the barmy army we are mental
  • you smell of wee
  • collingwood strippers
  • flintoff twat
  • andrew flintoff naked
  • feeling sleepy after lunch
  • naked arses
  • tits to go
  • fat gay
  • andrew flintoff’s trousers

Sometimes I get scared when I see what people have searched for.

Big thanks to the following websites that have linked to me in the past and sent me bucket loads of free traffic. TMS Blog. The Corridor. My two cents. Cricket-Blog. AYALAC. STUmpCam. After Grog Blog.

Finally big thanks to you for reading the site. I know I don’t update it as often as I should and I know I start lots of ‘regular series’ which never quite get finished but isn’t that the fun of it all? Eh? Anyway thanks for stopping by and leaving comments. Hope you enjoy the occasional ramblings of an out of work actor who loves cricket and couldn’t back the winner in a one horse race.

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