Freddie Flintoff Video Interview

Thanks to Adrian and the guys over at Sportsvibe TV for letting me know about their recent video interview with Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff. Here it is for your viewing pleasure. I never knew Flintoff won Beard of the Year in 2005…and Monty Panesar a Johnny Cash fan?!?

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Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff Hatrick

I’ve been very lax in updating the cricket video in the sidebar. I’m a naughty boy. Spank me, matron.

However, update it I have and so the old video has been replaced with the video that is capturing the nation – the Freddie Flintoff Sure Man Pedalogate video. Oh that naughty Freddie. Cashing in on his West Indies drinking misdemeanours. Tsk, tsk.

Anyway, if you missed it, the old cricket video was Andrew Flintoff getting a hat-trick against the West Indies. Enjoy it and remember him before he becomes a show pony for 40/40 20/20 cricket.

Just in case you were in any doubt, here’s the vid in question:

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Adam Voges Amazing Catch

It’s not very often that we acknowledge Australian sporting prowess here on Flintoff’s Ashes.

  • Taken the piss out of them? Check.
  • Pointed the finger and laughed at them? Check.
  • Photoshopped them to within in an inch of their life? Check.

OK so I was nice about Shane Warne once but that was only because he’d retired and couldn’t hurt us any more so this is breaking something of a long standing habit. I’m actually going to say something complimentary about an Aussie cricketer.

Adam Voges took an amazing relatively average catch in a game of Twenty20.

Actually bollocks to that. He made a meal of it. Show boating bastard.

Judge for yourself by reviewing the recent featured video below.

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Flintoff Sledging Michael Clarke

Featured video for the last few weeks has been the confrontation between Freddie Flintoff and Michael Clarke in the Ashes series of ’05.

There’s something about Michael Clarke that really gets on my tits. I hope to see him wearing a Flintoff bouncer this summer. Or a Panesar full toss. Don’t care. Just someone give him one in the chops, eh?

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Andrew Flintoff Blinding Catch

The featured cricket video for the last few weeks months has been this blinding catch by Andrew Flintoff off the bowling of Liam ‘I’m not shit really’ Plunkett. The non-plussed batsman is Ross Taylor of New Zealand.

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