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The third Test fizzled out into an altogether predictable draw. Part of me was disappointed with the result. The other part of me was elated when I picked up my ¬£40 from Coral’s this morning having wagered twenty notes on a draw at evens before a ball was bowled.

Twitter post predicting Edgbaston Test draw

Interestingly enough, the other part of my prediction didn’t come true. I didn’t get any more work done. Ho hum…

Anyway I’ve been looking over the reaction to the third Test on the blogs today and, on the whole, most cricket bloggers agree that a draw was pretty much the right result. Neither side really did enough to win the game and the England batting tactics were borne out of a desire to get a result rather than anything else.

That is apart from Jon over at See if you can guess where Jon lives from this extract from his blog:

I think I can say…that if you elimated [sic] weather and umpire errors, Australia would be leading this series 3-nil.
From post marked Edgbaston review: England saved by the weather

Now don’t get me wrong. I like Jon and I enjoy reading his blog. Equally, despite what you might have read elsewhere, I like Australians. I think everyone should have one.

However when I read this I laughed so hard that a little bit of wee came out.

Headline photo courtesy of makelessnoise

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Australians Have Small Testicles – FACT!

It’s raining in Birmingham. Now there’s a surprise. With no cricket is being played I thought it was a good time to catch up on some reading at my favourite cricket blogs.

You can imagine the whoop of joy I gave when I came across this wee video over at The Village Cricketer. Not only does it featured Frederick Ponsonby Flintoff but it also mocks Australians. Huzzah!

It’s all about an..ahem..abdominal guard that has been designed especially for Australian cricketers. However, it’s no normal gonad guard. Oh no. The Koala Box comes in the following sizes:

  • Small
  • Extra Small
  • Extra, Extra Small

So proof, if you ever needed it, that our Antipodean cousins have got smaller genitals than us. And that’s why we’re going to win the Ashes. Because we have bigger balls.

That will be all.

Headline picture courtesy of Windell H. Oskay,

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Not Doing a Poo

Hello. Remember me? I’m the bloke who used to write a cricket blog and occasionally do silly pictures in Photoshop. It’s been a while, eh? Sorry about that…

I took some time out to have a holiday in America last month which explains part of the reason I’ve not updated the site for a while but, to be honest, there was a period where I wondered if I’d ever update the site again.

You see I got some nasty comments and emails from some folk about the Shoaib Akhtar picture I did. These people also saw the Monty Panesar pic, put two and two together and decided I was a racist. I deleted the comments from the blog because I didn’t really think they were the kind of thing people would want to read but this only made the situation worse as my inbox filled up with hate mail.

I am not racist. Some of my best friends have done a poo.

Anyway that, along with my lack of Sky coverage (the IRA* won’t let me have a satellite dish on my flat), Englands abysmal ODI series and, of course, the terrorist outrage in Mumbai left me feeling decidely unbloggy. And before you ask, that’s a real word.

However, after several weeks of staring at a blank WordPress screen, I’m back. Be gentle with me.

* IRA – Ickenham Residents Association

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Cricket Blog Links

As part of the redesign of Flintoffs Ashes I’ve just spent some time updating the site blogroll. There were some sites on there which hadn’t been updated for ages so I removed them.

Imagine that. A cricket blog. That rarely gets updated? Who would do such a thing? Tsssk tsssk…

Anyways, I got rid of all the dead wood and replaced them with some most excellent blogs:

The Wisden Cricketer Blog

Cricket With Balls

Cricket = Action = Art

Last of the Summer Whine

Miss Field’s Cricket Blog – sorry it took me so long, Missy :oops:

Republique Cricket

If you run a cricket blog that you’d like to be considered for a spot on the blogroll drop me a line. There are no guarantees – it all depends on whether I like the cut of your jib. Rather than just create a long list of cricket blogs, I’d rather add blogs that I think the readers of Flintoffs Ashes would like. Both of them.

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Flintoffs Ashes New Look

As you can see, Flintoffs Ashes has undergone something of a dramatic refurb over the last couple of days. I’d figured it was time for a bit of a freshen up and after breaking the database thought now was as good a time as any to do it. After all, how else were we supposed to celebrate Lord Freds glorious 9 runs against the Saffers today?

If you’re reading this via RSS, you need to get your butt over here and have a look around otherwise you’ll miss out on features such as the spiffing new front page, the cricket videos, the clever captions and..ermm..well everything else.

Talking of RSS, we’re trying to make life easier for you to subscribe to Flintoffs Ashes. You need never miss a single post (i.e. our monthly output) by getting it delivered straight to your inbox. That’s right! Just fill in your email address in that handy little form at the top and – bosh – latest posts hand delivered to your inbox and, let’s face it, who doesn’t hand a personal hand job?

Not only that but you can get all the latest comments and posts through your feed reader with our spanking new FeedBurner account (which replaces the old, slightly naused up FeedBurner account). So if you’re using the old feed, drop it in the bin daddio and come on over to the bright side of the street by clicking on one of those little orange buttons.

So what else have we done? Well there’s obviously the new featured video section in the sidebar which currently features Freddies famous bit of sledging from the West Indies Test at Lords’ and there’s going to be a new feature launched in the next few weeks called Twatter. We’re just ironing out some of the bugs at the moment.

There’s bound to be some teething problems as the new system beds in so if you see anything amiss, please feel sure to drop us a line and we’ll try to fix it. For example some of the older cricket videos might not work anymore but we’re too lazy to look we haven’t had a chance to check all of the old posts.

On top of all that I’m also looking at opening Flintoffs Ashes up to guest writers. Do you have something to say about the state of English cricket, world cricket or the price of a pint of Kronenbourg in the Coach and Horses? Whatever you’ve got to say, we’d like to hear it. If you fancy being a contributor to the site, drop us a line.

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