England Win Something. Bloody Hell.


Quite frankly I don’t know what to say. This is uncharted territory. England winning a one day tournament. Not only that but a Twenty20 tournament. Did someone forget to tell them that we’re shit at T20?

I didn’t see much of the tournament but did manage to watch the final yesterday and couldn’t help but feel I was watching a different team. I guess this was probably because I was. Andy Flower has assembled a squad of Twenty20 specialists who are very different to previous England Twenty20 specialists. This lot are actually quite good.

It’s not just that. From what I’ve read and from what I witnessed yesterday, there’s an energy and, more importantly, a belief in this group of players. Right from the outset, they believed they could beat Australia and beat them they did.

No. That’s not true.

England thrashed Australia.

It’s couldn’t have been more of a thrashing if Paul Collingwood had pulled down Michael Clarkes trousers and thwapped his bare naked rump with one of the stumps (preferably not the one containing StumpCam as we’d have then been “treated” to super slow mo images of Clarkes rusty sheriffs badge in the post match review).

OK so a lot has been made about the number of Saffers in the team and that Eoin Morgan had played internationally for Ireland but to the haters Aussies reading this I say pffffffffffft. No rules were broken and in the eyes of the ICC Morgan is as English as I am, to be sure, to be sure.

Regardless of all that, the England players deserved to win the tournament and deserved their post match celebrations. After all, they are the World Twenty20 champions so who could refuse them a good old fashioned English knees up of a braai and a few pints of the Black Stuff?

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Flintoff Can Complete Ashes Series

After helping England comfortably wrap up the second Ashes Test at Lord’s on Monday, Andrew Flintoff has insisted that he will be fit for the remaining three matches of the series.

All England fans will be praying that this turns out to be the case because let’s face it, without Flintoff, the chances of Andrew Strauss’ men winning the Ashes are reduced significantly. Even from a winning position.

This is because Flintoff inspires players around him like no-one else in world cricket. He carries this England team at times and perhaps most crucially, the Australian team fear him. These are unique attributes for an English cricketer and they are what makes Flintoff such a special player.

During his last three Test matches before retirement, we will hopefully see him at his absolute best as part of a series victory. This would be the perfect way for him to bow out and the thought of this is probably what made his decision about retiring at the end of the series.

What are the chances of him being fit for the remaining three matches though? He has clearly had to push hard to make it through the first two Tests, so surely there is a chance he might have to sit out some of the remaining matches?

Well, as previously mentioned, Flintoff believes he will be available for the remainder of the summer. He says it was never his intention to ‘bow out at Lords’ and that he wants to be ‘part of an Ashes winning team come the last Test at The Oval’.

This is, of course, music to the ears of England cricket fans. Everyone knows that Flintoff is going to have to really push himself and his body to get through these matches, but the thought that he will do so is extremely encouraging for England.

It sums up his character and his personality perfectly. Flintoff’s fast and accurate 10-over spell on Monday morning defied all logic considering his knee problems and perhaps there is more of this to come this summer.

Andy Flower revealed that Flintoff won’t play if he doesn’t pass the relevant fitness Tests, but if Flintoff says he is fit, I would be inclined to believe it.

After the way he bowled on Monday, who would stand in his way? Bowling on one leg or not, Flintoff is the best bowler in this England team!

By Thomas Rooney, a sports blogger who writes about Ashes Test cricket.

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