Back In Love With Cricket

You might just have noticed that I haven’t really been posting anything on the site for the last few months. Don’t worry, I haven’t been affected by any kind of mystery virus that meant my hands fell off or anything. It was just that…well…how can I put it?

I fell out of love with cricket

I don’t know at what point it happened but I’m guessing, as I suggested at the time, it was during the farcical World Cup. Whereas for the previous 30+ years of my life I could sit and watch cricket for hours, I found myself bored of watching the Australians dominate everything and England being pants. Even watching the potentially brilliant Pakistan or the sublime batting line up of the Indians failed to get me going.

Maybe it’s a sign of the modern game but I found most Test matches to be entirely predictable and I started to find the constant cheating gamesmanship of the sides rather distasteful. That and the fact that Bob Willis really gets on my tits.

Nothing much has changed in the last couple of weeks – England are still pants and Australia keep winning – but for some reason I’m back in love with cricket again. Maybe it’s all the monkey business going on in Australia at the moment. Maybe it’s because the new English season is now only a few short months away. Maybe it’s because Lord Freddie is due to make his comeback any time soon.

Whatever the reason let us rejoice and say yea verily at the top of our lungs. Go on. I dare you. Stand up in the middle of your office and shout “Yea Verily”. Bonus points awarded for anyone who videos it and slaps it on YouTube.

Power up the Photoshop, Scotty. There’s a cricketer out there somewhere who needs to be humiliated.

UK Smoking Ban

After tonight, smoking will be banned in pubs and clubs in the UK. Whilst I’m sure some people will see this as being a good thing, I’m dreading it. I enjoy a ciggie with my pint and I’m really going to miss it after a game of cricket. There was nothing I enjoyed doing more than blowing my second hand smoke all over the fit, healthy athletic opposition that had just been steam rollered by my team of of wheezing, overweight alcoholics.

Like a lot of smokers, I’ve thought about quitting but it doesn’t appear that being able to bowl the doosra is listed as one of the benefits of quitting smoking so I guess I’ll be spending my time sitting outside the pavilion puffing away whilst all those non-smokers sit inside in the warm and doing whatever it is that non-smokers do in pubs when they’re not bleating about second hand smoke and mentioning Roy Castle.

Apparently Ladbrokes have been offering prices on the first high profile celebrity to be fined for smoking in a public building. My money is on Shane Warne.

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When Photoshop Goes Bad

It’s raining at Lord’s so what better way to fill some time than look at my previous examples of Photoshop wizardry*.

Darrell Hair gets a new job

Red Bull gives you Wings **

BBC Headline Writer ***

Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath – Where are they now?

He’s the only leg spinner in the village

Monty Magic

Brett Lee comes out

That should keep you busy for…ooohh…minutes. Maybe the covers will be off in a minute.

* – I’d previously referred to them as crap Photoshopped efforts but Will over at The Corridor came up with an altogether more pleasing name for them. I’ll let you decide :)
** – Not actually mine but I thought I’d add it to the mix
*** – Not really a Photoshop job but still something that makes me chuckle

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Looking for HD DVD encryption keys?

Looking at my stats, is seems like a lot of people are coming to visit Flintoffs Ashes via Digg. I’ve no idea what you’re looking for but you won’t find any HD DVD encryption keys here, I’m afraid*. What you will find, though, is stuff about the noble game of cricket. Oh and some other stuff too.

Since you’re here, you might as well look at some of the more popular posts** on Flintoffs Ashes.

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There. That should keep you suitably entertained for…ohh…minutes.

* – OK, I lied. It’s 09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b -d8-41-56-c5-63-56-88-c0 :)

** – When I say popular I mean stuff that my stats program tells me lots of people have read. It doesn’t mean it’s any good or anything.

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New Look for Flintoff’s Ashes

Since the World Cup is about to start I thought it was time to give Flintoff’s Ashes something of a makeover so here we are!

The code that sits behind the scenes is a lot cleaner than the old site so, in theory, it should load up a lot quicker. I’ve also tried to make it easier for you to subscribe to the RSS feeds as well as making the commenting a little easier. If you’ve got one of those funny little Gravatar thingies it’ll show up now too!

Well, assuming that the Gravatar site is working, of course :roll:

There are a couple of little things that need ironing out in terms of the formatting (i.e. the links to the 2005 Ashes series don’t seem to be in Test order any more) and a couple of the pages don’t look quite right so I’ll re-edit those but I’ve tested it in both Firefox and Internet Explorer and it all looks to be OK but if you find anything odd as you’re mooching around, please let me know.

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