RIP Bill Frindall

Just learnt via Twitter courtesy of Stephen Fry that TMS statistician Bill Frindall has sadly passed away at the age of 69.

Test Match Special will never be the same again.

Link to BBC article:

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Done a Poo – Andrew Symonds

After the uproar over my last Done a Poo picture, I’d pretty much decided to retire the series but thanks to Australia’s Andrew Symonds, everyones favourite faecal feature is back!

Just in case you’ve missed it, Andrew Symonds has called New Zealand wicket keeper Brendon McCullum “a lump of shit“. No, really. You can read about it here and listen to the podcast here.

If you listen to the podcast all the way through (the McCullum quote comes towards the end), you might get the impression that Symonds had enjoyed a couple of tins of the amber nectar before going on air. According to the Fox Sports report:

Symonds denied being drunk but sources confirmed he was under the influence of alcohol when he spoke to Triple M’s Roy and HG

Methinks that Roy may have plenty of opportunity to indulge his passion for fishing over the coming months.

Anyway, in the meanwhile, here’s the latest entry to the Poo Hall of Fame. Enjoy.

Other members of the Poo Hall of Fame: Andrew Flintoff, Monty Panesar, Shoaib Akhtar

Thanks to Jrod for alerting me to the story

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Even Babies Hate The Aussies

Babies everywhere are laughing at Australia as they get battered by India in the 2nd Test. It’s true. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

Just this very morning, as I was walking up my local high street, I passed a TV shop which was showing the cricket. India were giving Australia a fearful hammering and – I swear this is true – a young mum walked past with her baby in a push chair. The baby, seeing Ponting getting bowled by Ishant Sharma, started laughing hysterically and pointing it’s chubby little pink digits at the TV screen.

I’m sure I heard it gurgle “that’ll teach the arrogant bastards..hehehe” although I might have been mistaken.

Aussie cricket blogger Miss Field earlier gave England fans permission to laugh at her team. It seems that even small children are taking her up on the kind offer.

The ex-convicts need to bat out the entire day tomorrow to avoid a heavy defeat. I can’t see them doing that and, it would appear, nor can the toddlers of Great Britain. Huzzah!

Photo credit: Greyman

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Done a Poo – Shoaib Akhtar

It’s all quiet on the cricket front so it must be time to dust down an old favourite. Yes, folks. It’s the Done a Poo series. Huzzah!

The latest member of the Poo Hall of Fame is the Rawalpindi Express himself, Shoaib Akhtar. You know, the chap that twatted his team mate with a bat, slapped his coach, got banned, un-banned and then banned again…and again…and again…The cheeky little blighter.

Still, this honour should cheer him up a bit, eh?

Other members of the Poo Hall of Fame: Andrew Flintoff, Monty Panesar

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Kitbag End of Season Sale

Having finished my season with Iver Heath yesterday (a good win and for the first time in ages I didn’t finish my season with a duck. Woot!) I finally chucked my 8 year old cricket boots away and sent my even older jockstrap off for clinical testing at a secret bio-warfare research facility in Biggleswade so I was delighted to receive an email this morning telling me that Kitbag are holding their end of season sale with savings of up to 70%!

I’ve used Kitbag before and I have to say that I was impressed with the speed of service. I ordered online and my stuff turned up a couple of days later. Can’t ask for more than that.

They’re offering deals on everything – bats, pads, helmets, shirts, batting gloves and stock all the major cricket kit suppliers including Gray Nicolls, Woodworm, Gunn and Moore, Newbery and adidas.

I’m tempted to pick up one of the England ODI shirts but I’m a bit worried about the fit. The new technology all sounds great if you’re a finely tuned athlete but what about a bloke who drinks far too much beer and has Dominos Pizza on speed dial?

adidas created ForMotion™ to follow every curve of the athlete’s body and mimic the natural movement of sport for a better fit and greater comfort while in motion. Its sport-specific fabrics also feature extreme stretch zones that allow the garment to move naturally with the body even during the most strenuous of athletic activities.

Have any Flintoffs Ashes readers purchased one of the new England ODI shirts? I’m particularly interested in hearing from the ones who possess a six roll rather than a six pack.

Cricket Kit