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The third Test fizzled out into an altogether predictable draw. Part of me was disappointed with the result. The other part of me was elated when I picked up my ¬£40 from Coral’s this morning having wagered twenty notes on a draw at evens before a ball was bowled.

Twitter post predicting Edgbaston Test draw

Interestingly enough, the other part of my prediction didn’t come true. I didn’t get any more work done. Ho hum…

Anyway I’ve been looking over the reaction to the third Test on the blogs today and, on the whole, most cricket bloggers agree that a draw was pretty much the right result. Neither side really did enough to win the game and the England batting tactics were borne out of a desire to get a result rather than anything else.

That is apart from Jon over at See if you can guess where Jon lives from this extract from his blog:

I think I can say…that if you elimated [sic] weather and umpire errors, Australia would be leading this series 3-nil.
From post marked Edgbaston review: England saved by the weather

Now don’t get me wrong. I like Jon and I enjoy reading his blog. Equally, despite what you might have read elsewhere, I like Australians. I think everyone should have one.

However when I read this I laughed so hard that a little bit of wee came out.

Headline photo courtesy of makelessnoise

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3 comments so far

  1. Brenden

    I agree with you Mike.
    Australia played like crap in the first innings and England didn’t do enough to force a result.

    Looking forward to the final matches.

    -Brenden (Woking, Surrey’s token Aussie)

  2. Tony T


    If you laughed – mission accomplished.

    There was the merest hint of tongue in cheek.

    As an Australian, I understand the language.

    Since I’m not English, I can only assume you have a similar phrase over there.

    Doubtless you remember what Shaw would have said if he’d said it: “England and Australia are two countries separated by a different language.”

  3. Mike

    Thanks for dropping by, Brenden. You back in the UK again?

    Was Jon writing with tongue in cheek, Tony? I’m not so sure. He’s a very passionate Aussie supporter who has previous for rose tinted glasses.

    Not that I have ever been guilty of that, m’lud…

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