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I missed most of today’s play because I was enduring yet another defeat for my village cricket team but, from what I’ve seen, it’s all set up nicely for the last day of the third Ashes Test. The convicts are effectively -25 for two with the weather looking like we’re going to get in probably 80 or so overs tomorrow.

As @Jason_Gillespie says on Twitter: Only one side can hope to win now, and that is England” and, despite the fact he’s Australian, he’s absolutely right. There are now only two results available – England win or a draw. My pocket says the ¬£20 I put on a draw at evens is the result I want but, of course, my head, heart, arms, legs and dangly toilet parts want an English win so, instead, I will be spending my day tomorrow at The Beehive in Vauxhall live Twittering/Tweeting/Twatting and praying for an England win.

Feel free to come along and join me. I will be the one, courtesy of a fielding injury today, walking like a man who has been fisted by Mike Tyson.

Talking of Twitter, I had planned to write a piece about cricket lovers on Twitter before this game began but, as a result of @PH408 announcing he had been dropped from the team before it was officially announced, the whole cricket blog world has been full of Twitter this, Twitter that.

Anyone who has been following this site for a while will know that I was planning on running an alternative to Twitter called Twatter (see below). Guess that’s dead in the water now that everyone is on Twitter so I figure I may as well just list the people I follow on Twitter who mainly tweet about his glorious game.

Please feel free to let me know in the comment anyone I have missed and I will add them to the list.

  • @MikeBusson – that’s me, that is. I don’t just tweet about cricket. I have a real life. Honest.
  • @philtufnell – Phil Tufnell. Happy days…
  • @2009TheAshes – what is says on the tin
  • @Jason_Gillespie – Dizzy gives a surprisingly unbiased view of the cricket
  • @BumbleCricket – David Lloyd. Genius. On my ultimate dinner party list. I love this man despite his freaky eyebrows
  • @DGoughie - Darren Gough. Heart like a lion full of English blood
  • @AlisonMitchell – Alison Mitchell is female. She loves cricket. I think I love her.
  • @Aggerscricket -Jonathan Agnew. The voice of TMS. (Note I will not include Blowers in my Twitter list. He annoys me so don’t ask)
  • @JimmyAnderson9 – James Anderson. Occasionally brilliant England bowler. Too often not.
  • @Swannyg66 – Graeme Swann. More deliveries like the one he got the window licker out with today and I might have his babies.
  • @GeoffreyBoycott – Not convinced this is the real Boycott. He’s not bitter enough or harping on about how it was better in his day…
  • @MissField – Astrid runs an Aussie cricket blog. She loves the game. I’d buy her a beer if she were in London.
  • @BBCTMS - It’s Test Match Special. On Twitter. ‘Nuff said.
  • @SledgerTW4C – The Wisden Cricket blogging guys on Twitter. Huzzah!
  • @SuaveRepublic – Cricket blogger and toff.
  • @StephenFry – If you’re already on Twitter then the chances ae you’re following him already but he’s a massive cricket fan as his recent speech suggests.

So if you’re on Twitter, follow me and endure enjoy a day of live tweeting the cricket from the pub. It could get messy!

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