Australians Have Small Testicles – FACT!

It’s raining in Birmingham. Now there’s a surprise. With no cricket is being played I thought it was a good time to catch up on some reading at my favourite cricket blogs.

You can imagine the whoop of joy I gave when I came across this wee video over at The Village Cricketer. Not only does it featured Frederick Ponsonby Flintoff but it also mocks Australians. Huzzah!

It’s all about an..ahem..abdominal guard that has been designed especially for Australian cricketers. However, it’s no normal gonad guard. Oh no. The Koala Box comes in the following sizes:

  • Small
  • Extra Small
  • Extra, Extra Small

So proof, if you ever needed it, that our Antipodean cousins have got smaller genitals than us. And that’s why we’re going to win the Ashes. Because we have bigger balls.

That will be all.

Headline picture courtesy of Windell H. Oskay,

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