Flintoff Retires From Test Cricket



BBC News confirms that Flintoff is to retire – Flintoff in post-Ashes Test exit


Both Jonathan Agnew and Alison Mitchell are saying on Twitter that the news is confirmed and that Freddie Flintoff will be retiring from Test cricket after this series.

Confirmed. Flintoff retires from Tests after this series. Still avail for ODIs. “My body says its time to stop”
Jonathan Agnew

Hot off the press and confirmed – Flintoff will retire from Test cricket after the Ashes
Alison Mitchell – BBC TMS


Early indications are that Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff is to announce his retirement from Test cricket after this Ashes series. A press conference is due to be held at 12.30pm today to confirm this news but Twitter is ablaze this morning with speculation.

Expecting confirmation at 11 that Flintoff is retiring from Tests after this series. Not surprising to be honest.
Jonathan Agnew

Apparently players were in a huddle on nursery ground earlier, then handshakes all round with Fred…
Alison Mitchell – TMS

You have to say that, if true, and Flintoff really is retiring from Test cricket that it’s no great surprise. With his history of injuries and the pressure put on the body playing the five day game, it was looking unlikely that he’d carry on for much longer anyway although I’m surprised at the timing of the announcement.

If it is true and Flintoff is to retire from Test cricket then I hope the ECB take a long hard look at themselves and the ridiculously congested international fixture list they have conspired to produce. Test cricket is dying on it’s arse and by shoehorning in as many meaningless ODI’s and T20 fixtures into the calendar year, they’re putting undue pressure on their players and, as a result, one of their few box office attractions in the five day game is about to call it a day.

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  1. Commentor @ The Cricket Store

    A real shame to see Flintoff retire, one of the great entertainers in the game. What now for this blog ? a new name?

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