The Ashes 2009 Starts Right Here


So the wait is finally over. The 2009 Ashes starts tomorrow and, in the spirit of tradition, Old Man McGrath has predicted a 5-0 whitewash for the Aussies. The senile old git.

Looking out the window at the monsoon like conditions, I have to say that I’m not hopeful of a full 5 days play for the first Test but there you go. I’m still as excited as a 6 month old puppy although my little lipstick isn’t poking out. I’ve been anticipating this series more than an unnamed dead pop star used to look forward to school sports day.

I’ve been kind of quiet in the build up to the series. Not because I don’t love you guys – you know I do in that special way only a blogger can love his readers – but because I’ve been busy working on a film project so I hope you didn’t miss me too much. Rest assured I will be covering this Ashes series despite my lack of Sky coverage thanks to the IRA*. I’ll be mainly listening to TMS or finding a pub to watch the game. I think I might be heading to The Beehive in Vauxhall which is where I famously tried to interview folks after the Oval in ’05 so if you’re around and fancy buying me a beer, I won’t stop you :)

Regular readers will know I like the occasional punt so I’ve been looking over the markets for the series. The series winner market doesn’t look overly exciting with Australia at 4/5 and England 15/8 with both Paddy Power and totesport but the outstanding bet in my opinion is and England series win 2-1 at 17/2 with Sportingbet. I can see the weather playing a part and would be surprised if we have 25 days of cricket so expect a couple of draws. All the online bookies are offering £25 in free bets so if you haven’t already opened an account the smart money is picking up England 2-1 for a tenner and then whacking your £25 free bet on Australia at 4/5. Easy, eh?

* – Ickenham Residents Association

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    The outcome is so difficult to predict this year, but still vote and try to guess who will win the Ashes 2009 –

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    Yes. Thank you for your blatant attempt to comment spam. Much appreciated. Please feel free to drop by again. My spam bucket is awaiting your next visit with antici……..pation

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