Boycott in negative opinion shocker!

Geoffrey BoycottWhat’s the first thing you think of when someone mentions Geoffrey Boycott? Is it a solid opening batsman? Is it the hat he constantly wears? Or is it the moaning cricket pundit from Yorkshire?

Personally, considering I don’t remember much about Boycott as a player, I always think of the latter. Whenever I think of Boycott, I hear his voice whining on about the various ways in which England have gone wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, Boycott knows his cricket. He knows what it takes to win a Test match, he knows what makes a good Test captain and he knows the type of mentality that an opening batsman needs. However, he puts all of this across in an increasingly negative manner.

Where have these views on Boycott sprung from I hear you ask? Well, the former England man has been having his say on the current crop and hasn’t exactly sung their praises.

Speaking about their chances of winning the Ashes, he says that they haven’t got a hope because they are ‘not in great shape’. He also criticised the ‘fiasco’ surrounding Kevin Pietersen and Peter Moores that occurred this winter.

As for Andrew Strauss, Boycott isn’t convinced that the England skipper is a ‘natural captain’ because he tends to ‘wait for things to happen’ on the field as opposed to ‘thinking ahead’.

Another thing criticised by Boycott was the fact that England have had far from a settled side in recent months. He particularly highlighted the No.3 spot which has been occupied by Michael Vaughan, Ian Bell, Owais Shah and now Ravi Bopara.

Overall, Boycott doesn’t believe that England are ‘getting the best out of what we’ve got’. The Yorkshireman finished by saying that everyone connected with the England cricket team has ‘shot themselves in the head this winter’.

So, how accurate are Boycott’s comments? Well, he is right about the team not being in the best shape, he is right about the Pietersen/Moores situation being a distraction and he is right that having an unsettled side makes it difficult to prepare for the future.

However, I don’t think that it’s as bad as he makes out. Things can turn around very quickly in cricket and this is what the two Test matches against the West Indies can be used for.

A decent performance from a fresh looking England team in these two games could act as a springboard for a successful summer. Then, hopefully, Strauss and co can go some way to proving Boycott wrong even though, at this stage, he is pretty much bang on the money!

By Thomas Rooney – A sports writer who blogs about England Cricket

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