New England ODI Kit

I got an email this morning from those lovely chaps at Kitbag telling me that the new England ODI kit is now available to pre-order. I’ve just spent some time mooching around the site and it looks rather good. I’m particularly taken with the new training shirts. Think I may have to break open the piggy bank to buy one of those bad boys.

However I have to say this. No matter how nice the new adidas kit is and no matter what spiffing deals Kitbag are offering, we have to be honest here.

Giving England a new ODI kit is like putting lipstick on a pig. It doesn’t matter how pretty the pig looks, it’s still a pig.

England are currently ranked 6th in the ODI tables. They say figures never lie. Well I have news for you. They do. I don’t know how they work out the ICC rankings but as anyone who has seen England play ODI cricket over the last few years will tell you, we’re shit.

The good news is that we’re now going to look really smart whilst being shit.

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2 comments so far

  1. Alien

    I see that kitbag has a section called “left-handed”… Keep em seperate I say – good work!

  2. Mike

    Shame they had to pull the “Ginger” section though…

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