Sunday Social Cricketers Wanted

I play Sunday social cricket and my team, Iver Heath CC, are looking for new players for the 2009 season. I’ve put an ad on Gumtree but I thought I’d see if any Flintoff’s Ashes readers fancied a few games this year.

Just in case you’re too lazy to click on the Gumtree link, here’s the ad:

Iver Heath Cricket Club was formed in 1947 by a bunch of alcoholics looking for something to do when the pubs used to shut on a Sunday afternoon. Sixty two years on and we’re still boozing!

We’re looking for new players to join our Sunday social side. Key requisites are:

* The ability to drink your own bodyweight in beer
* A photographic memory to recall outrageous umpiring decisions from years ago in order to bare long term grudges
* A sense of humour to enable you to take part in our sledging. Note: we never sledge the opposition, only our own players
* Cricketing ability would be nice too although not essential as we don’t want you showing any of us up!

We’re a friendly team who play our cricket hard but enjoy the social element of the game even more. We play our home games at the picturesque Farnham Royal ground which is between Beaconsfield and Slough. Most of our players live in the West London area so can provide lifts if you don’t have a car.

I couldn’t include a link to the Google map of our fixtures for some reason so if you wanted to see where we play, here’s a link – Google Map Iver Heath CC Fixtures.

If you haven’t got your own kit, don’t worry. We’ve just bought a load of new Woodworm kit (70% off – click on the Woodworm ad for more info) so can provide bats, gloves, pads and what have you. You’ll just need some whites.

Season starts this coming Sunday 19th so if you fancy a few games of cricket this year and one or two glasses of sweet sherry after the match, drop me a line.

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