England ODI=Oh Dear Ingerland

For as long as I can remember, England have been hopeless at One Day International cricket. There have been some highlights – the comfortable series win over South Africa last summer for example – but as a rule, England are clueless in this form of the game.

The latest defeat showed many of the reasons why in my opinion. Chasing 265 to win, Andrew Strauss’ men fell 22 runs short of victory as they were bowled out inside the 49th over.

More often than not, the batting has been the problem for England in ODI games. Generally, we are a good fielding side and occasionally (make that very occasionally when Harmison and Batty are in the team) we can keep it tight with the ball.

However, the decisions made by the batsmen are nothing short of appalling most of the time. Whether that be shot selection, running between the wickets or when to select the batting power-play. All
three of these were in evidence on Sunday in the defeat to the West Indies.

Poorest shot selection: Ravi Bopara was looking really solid at the beginning of the innings and chasing a more than reachable target meant that there was no need to flash at one outside off stump and
drag on.

Most shocking running: Gareth Batty should hang his head in shame after running himself out. Considering his captain was settled at the other end, considering 8 runs were required an over, considering he was the last of the capable batsmen and considering he had just smashed Chris Gayle for four, there was probably no need to attempt a dodgy single was there, Gareth ‘I thought they were joking when they called me up’ Batty?

Poor power-play usage: For whatever reason, England waited until the final five overs to use the batting power-play. This meant that the men charged with making the most out of the fielding restrictions were Steve Harmison and James Anderson. Brilliant call. Why on earth wasn’t it used when Strauss and Mascheranas were looking half decent?

So there you have it, another England ODI performance dominated by poor decisions. They weren’t actually that far away from the win in the end, meaning that they could have emerged victorious had just one of these mistakes been prevented.

This just makes it all the more frustrating. Roll on the Friday in Barbados, a match that gives an excuse for a half-day at work if nothing else…

By Thomas Rooney – A sports writer who blogs about England cricket

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One comment

  1. Mike

    And to prove the point England are currently 71-8. Freddie Flintoff is back with a big fat duck.

    It really is an embarrassment.

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