Woodworm Cricket Bats Won The Ashes

Woodworm cricket bats won the 2005 Ashes!

OK, well maybe not, but they’ll always be associated with the famous Ashes victory and we’re pleased here at Flintoffs Ashes to see that the Woodworm cricket brand is back.

You may recall that Woodworm disappeared off the scene a couple of years ago which led to both Andrew Flintoff and Kevin Pietersen switching to adidas cricket bats. Well those lovely chaps at Sports HQ have now purchased the Woodworm brand.

The Sports HQ are delighted to announce that we have just purchased Woodworm, the world famous cricket brand. Woodworm will always be remembered as the bats used by Kevin Pietersen and Andrew Freddie Flintoff in the 2005 Ashes. The new era for Woodworm is an exciting one and will see more and more new signings.

As a result of this new deal, Sports HQ are offering up to 80% off the 2008 range including cricket bats, batting pads, batting gloves and equipment. They are also offering you the chance to win a signed Kevin Pietersen bat. Huzzah!

To get yourself some brand new sparkling kit for the 2009 season just head on over to the new Woodworm Cricket site and tell them Mike from Flintoffs Ashes sent you :)

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