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As we all know, there is only one cricket story to talk about right now. The ongoing dispute between England captain Kevin Pietersen and Peter Moores has left the future of the latter very much in the air. So, who better to ‘call for unity’ than Steve ‘I’m committed to England, but not when we have to be on tour for too long’ Harmison?

The pace bowler has said that Moores and Pietersen need to ‘sort out their issues’ that they have as soon as possible. He then went on to say that ‘it’s about the England cricket team’ and not about the individuals involved.

This is a view that can’t be argued with. Neither Moores, nor Pietersen for that matter are bigger than the team as a whole. KP may think that he is and that may have been what caused these problems in the first place. Something to think about I guess.

Something else the Durham man pointed out was the timing of it all. To have such uncertainty at the start of an Ashes year is ‘not ideal’ according to Harmy who also believes that if the issue isn’t sorted sharpish, then there is a real danger that the ‘team will drift further apart’. This isn’t what anybody wants.

These comments from Harmison confirm something for me. There is almost certainly division in the squad already over this issue. By saying that the team could drift ‘further apart’, Harmison is hinting that some drifting has already commenced in the England camp.

Some players will be sticking by their coach, some by their captain. Some would have preferred Michael Vaughan to have been selected, some would have been happy with his omission. Overall, there isn’t a more inappropriate term than ‘team unity’ when referring to England right now.

Instead, there is a divide in the squad that is even overshadowing the fact that Australia are getting trounced at home by South Africa and are, let’s be honest, not the force they once were.

In true English fashion though, we won’t let another team have all the problems. As Harmison says, this issue needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later, but whatever happens now – Moores stays or Moores goes – you do get the feeling that some long term damage may have already been done.

By Thomas Rooney – A sports writer who blogs about cricket betting

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