Not Doing a Poo

Hello. Remember me? I’m the bloke who used to write a cricket blog and occasionally do silly pictures in Photoshop. It’s been a while, eh? Sorry about that…

I took some time out to have a holiday in America last month which explains part of the reason I’ve not updated the site for a while but, to be honest, there was a period where I wondered if I’d ever update the site again.

You see I got some nasty comments and emails from some folk about the Shoaib Akhtar picture I did. These people also saw the Monty Panesar pic, put two and two together and decided I was a racist. I deleted the comments from the blog because I didn’t really think they were the kind of thing people would want to read but this only made the situation worse as my inbox filled up with hate mail.

I am not racist. Some of my best friends have done a poo.

Anyway that, along with my lack of Sky coverage (the IRA* won’t let me have a satellite dish on my flat), Englands abysmal ODI series and, of course, the terrorist outrage in Mumbai left me feeling decidely unbloggy. And before you ask, that’s a real word.

However, after several weeks of staring at a blank WordPress screen, I’m back. Be gentle with me.

* IRA – Ickenham Residents Association

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