Even Babies Hate The Aussies

Babies everywhere are laughing at Australia as they get battered by India in the 2nd Test. It’s true. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

Just this very morning, as I was walking up my local high street, I passed a TV shop which was showing the cricket. India were giving Australia a fearful hammering and – I swear this is true – a young mum walked past with her baby in a push chair. The baby, seeing Ponting getting bowled by Ishant Sharma, started laughing hysterically and pointing it’s chubby little pink digits at the TV screen.

I’m sure I heard it gurgle “that’ll teach the arrogant bastards..hehehe” although I might have been mistaken.

Aussie cricket blogger Miss Field earlier gave England fans permission to laugh at her team. It seems that even small children are taking her up on the kind offer.

The ex-convicts need to bat out the entire day tomorrow to avoid a heavy defeat. I can’t see them doing that and, it would appear, nor can the toddlers of Great Britain. Huzzah!

Photo credit: Greyman

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3 comments so far

  1. damiths

    HAHAHA, Is there no one who doesnt enjoy watching Punter get his ass fucked.

    Man what a ball that was though. Ponting looked shocked for a bit.

    Ps- how about a link exchange bro
    Already added you.

  2. Mike

    Well probably Mrs Ponting for one…

  3. DamithS

    Mike> You never know. These are strange times we live in !

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