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As part of the redesign of Flintoffs Ashes I’ve just spent some time updating the site blogroll. There were some sites on there which hadn’t been updated for ages so I removed them.

Imagine that. A cricket blog. That rarely gets updated? Who would do such a thing? Tsssk tsssk…

Anyways, I got rid of all the dead wood and replaced them with some most excellent blogs:

The Wisden Cricketer Blog

Cricket With Balls

Cricket = Action = Art

Last of the Summer Whine

Miss Field’s Cricket Blog – sorry it took me so long, Missy :oops:

Republique Cricket

If you run a cricket blog that you’d like to be considered for a spot on the blogroll drop me a line. There are no guarantees – it all depends on whether I like the cut of your jib. Rather than just create a long list of cricket blogs, I’d rather add blogs that I think the readers of Flintoffs Ashes would like. Both of them.

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