Utter Pants

Well England have been pretty woeful in the One Day series against New Zealand, haven’t they? Battered into submission by a fat bloke and a guy that reminds me of Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan. Dunno why. He just does.

So much for a team that former Black Cap Ian Smith described as being the best England one-day team he has seen in years. I’m just wondering just how much cricket Smith has been able to watch in between rifling the pie shops of Wellington.

I really can’t see how England can fight their way back into the series. From what I’ve seen we look like a team all out of sorts and lacking leadership. I’ve got nothing against Paul Collingwood – some of my best friends are gingers – but I don’t see him as an inspirational leader. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think I’ll be taking up Totesports generous 9/2 on England to win the series.

Still, at least Lord Fred is on his way back. Peter Moores seems to think that Flintoff will be back to something close to his best after his fourth ankle operation. Let’s hope so, eh? Putting his cricket performance to one side for a second, this England team is woefully short of anyone you’d put your money on to beat Jesse Ryder in a yard of ale contest.

Anyway, I’m going to be moving Flintoffs Ashes to a new server over the next couple of days so if you happen to pop by and find everything has gone Pete Tong, you’ll know the reason why.

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  1. The Atheist

    It’s a bit concerning though. Everyone is pinning all their hopes on Fred. Every time we lose without him we point to his absence. But, if we were to be honest, how much cricket has he got left in him? Two or three years?

    And after that? More beatings by the Kiwis.

  2. Mike

    Well I just hope the Big Fella comes back and is somewhere close to his best. It’s more hope than expectation, though. If this op hasn’t been successful then it’s definitely all over for him as far as international cricket is concerned.

    Anyway, at least we won this morning. Maybe 9/2 wasn’t such a bad bet after all. Mind you with my current run of form with the bookies, it would have been the kiss of death if I’d chucked a couple of quid on it…

  3. The Sporting Spirit

    I think Freddie should get a metal ankle fixed or something…such a waste of a talent to injury….

  4. Mike

    You’d think the ECB would invest some money into turning Fred into Robocop or something. The worlds first bionic cricketer. That’d work…

  5. Miss Field

    That’s one way to get the American market. You’d have to give them all guns as well though.

    “Not out?! *roar!* *gunfire* “Want to rethink that decision, ump?”

  6. Mike

    American Commentator: And Brett Lee has reached the top of his bowling mark which is sponsored today by Home Depot. He turns and begins his run…He’s into his star jump….AND it’s a pitch! It hits Mikey Vorgan on the pads. Lee makes an LBW shout to the umpire…..and we’ll be back with the decision right after this word from our sponsors.

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