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OK so despite telling the world that I’m back in love with cricket, I’ve still single handedly failed to post anything of any note in the last week so rather than come up with anything of my own, here’s a video made by The Atheist over at AYALAC.

Ermm..I still love cricket, by the way. Does that help at all?

Ackk…it’s all crumbling around my ears…

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  1. Mike

    Oh bugger. Even my video player hates me now….waaaaagh!

    Here’s a link to the post on AYALAC – cricket video

  2. The Atheist

    Mike, cheers for the link. It’s good to see you back again.

    I wouldn’t worry about the cricket being a bit boring. There’s always the pigeons in the out-field to look forward to.

    And Blowers.

    And, of course, the simply devastating combination of Blowers and the pigeons.

  3. Sinta

    Never mind. just take the start and keep determined n focused. Everything wd be OK !
    Anyways there are interesting posts on updates at:

  4. Mike

    Videos of pigeons. Now there’s an idea for your next vlog!

  5. Astrid

    Pigeon = Glenn McGrath. I’ll watch that video.

  6. Mike

    Glenn McGrath?!? He’s old and he smells of wee….Heheheh ;)

  7. Miss Field

    Come back!!!

  8. Mike

    I’ll be moving the site to a new server and putting together a new design over the next couple of weeks so once that’s all done I should start posting a bit more regularly.

    Mind you, I’m a bit worried because I’m actually quite sad that the Jug Eared Twat has retired. Normally when an Aussie retires I jump for joy but I’m gonna miss JET…

  9. Miss Field

    Are you sad because you’ll miss him as a player or you’ll miss the opportunities to mock him? Because if the latter is the case, I have no doubt we’ll have another player worthy of such mockery before long. His ears may not be so fine, however.

  10. The Sporting Spirit

    Bloggers write in phases…dont worry…

  11. Mike

    Miss Field – Dare I say it….I’ll miss him as a player. I enjoyed watching Gilly bat. A one off who has single handedly redefined the role of the keeper.

    Sporting Spirit – Yeah that’s what I was hoping too :D

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