Cricket Video

OK so despite telling the world that I’m back in love with cricket, I’ve still single handedly failed to post anything of any note in the last week so rather than come up with anything of my own, here’s a video made by The Atheist over at AYALAC.

Ermm..I still love cricket, by the way. Does that help at all?

Ackk…it’s all crumbling around my ears…

Back In Love With Cricket

You might just have noticed that I haven’t really been posting anything on the site for the last few months. Don’t worry, I haven’t been affected by any kind of mystery virus that meant my hands fell off or anything. It was just that…well…how can I put it?

I fell out of love with cricket

I don’t know at what point it happened but I’m guessing, as I suggested at the time, it was during the farcical World Cup. Whereas for the previous 30+ years of my life I could sit and watch cricket for hours, I found myself bored of watching the Australians dominate everything and England being pants. Even watching the potentially brilliant Pakistan or the sublime batting line up of the Indians failed to get me going.

Maybe it’s a sign of the modern game but I found most Test matches to be entirely predictable and I started to find the constant cheating gamesmanship of the sides rather distasteful. That and the fact that Bob Willis really gets on my tits.

Nothing much has changed in the last couple of weeks – England are still pants and Australia keep winning – but for some reason I’m back in love with cricket again. Maybe it’s all the monkey business going on in Australia at the moment. Maybe it’s because the new English season is now only a few short months away. Maybe it’s because Lord Freddie is due to make his comeback any time soon.

Whatever the reason let us rejoice and say yea verily at the top of our lungs. Go on. I dare you. Stand up in the middle of your office and shout “Yea Verily”. Bonus points awarded for anyone who videos it and slaps it on YouTube.

Power up the Photoshop, Scotty. There’s a cricketer out there somewhere who needs to be humiliated.

Cricket Kit