20-20 World Cup


Curse that man with the fattest arse in cricket. His wobbly buttocked big hitting does for us again! That and his jug eared companion. Oh and the hairy bloke. And the bowler who looks like a lion. And Forrest Gump.

Damned pesky convicts. I hope they feel suitably humiliated.

Anyway, we managed to sneak past the mighty Zimbabwe to get into the Super Eights which will be contested by the seven best 20-20 cricket teams in the World. And England.

Oh and I agree with Jonathan over at The Corridor. Why can’t we just have a straight knock out competition at this stage rather than more group games?

And whilst I’m about it, who designed Australia’s 20-20 kit? I’m not going to go all Jim Davidson here but I wouldn’t want to be wearing a replica shirt down Old Compton Street on a Saturday night.

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4 comments so far

  1. Eve

    I’m trying to win the internal battle of feeling sympathy and wanting to spank your bare arse.

    Lucky for me (though likely not for you, you’re a man after all), sympathy is winning.


  2. Mike

    Sympathy is good. A half decent 20-20 team would be better…

    Nice to see you back at Flintoffs Ashes, Eve. Long time no see!

  3. Eve

    Well, I’ve hardly been gone. I like to lurk (and giggle at your moaning) on a frequent basis :)

  4. Mike

    Moaning is something I can do very well having watched England play cricket for most of my adult life…

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