Cricket Chants

The Atheist over at Are you a left-arm Chinaman has asked for readers to contribute some good cricket chants. Interestingly enough, an old post of mine regarding cricket chants has received some attention from an ex-convict Australian visitor so it looks like folks are looking for something new to sing at the grounds so let me present to you a Flintoff’s Ashes exclusive. I expect the Barmy Army to be singing it at Bristol on Friday :)

To be sung to the tune of Macarena

There’s a Russian dude from Hampshire who is playing English cricket
He’s got a slower ball and it’s really hard to pick it
If you get it wrong, you’ll miss the ball and hit your wicket
Hey! Mascherenhas!

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One comment

  1. The Atheist

    Brilliant. I’ll singing that when I next go clubbing. There needs to be more cricket-related music at night clubs.

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