Why I’m Cheering For The Fat Fool

Saturday is the final of the 20-20 competition and I’m going to be cheering on Blob Rob Key and his Kent cohorts as they take on the might of…ermm…Sussex and then, presumably, Lancashire in the final. The reason? Well it’s because I’ve got another one of my silly bets on!

I picked up Kent each way before the last round at 8/1 so I’m hoping they at least make the final so I make my money back. The best price I could find for them was 16/5 through totesport so support Fat Boy Fat and back Kent to win and make the guys at King Cricket happy.

We love Rob Key...oh no...wait...that's the guys at King Cricket

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  1. King Cricket

    We are more than happy.

  2. Mike

    You and me both, mate! First winning bet I’ve had in ages….

    Mr Key definitely went up in my estimation following his petulant bat throwing too. He could fit into my Sunday cricket team without any problems. He obviously likes a pie and a pint and he throws a wobbler when he gets out. Just what we need :)

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