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The Atheist over at Are you a left-arm Chinaman has asked for readers to contribute some good cricket chants. Interestingly enough, an old post of mine regarding cricket chants has received some attention from an ex-convict Australian visitor so it looks like folks are looking for something new to sing at the grounds so let me present to you a Flintoff’s Ashes exclusive. I expect the Barmy Army to be singing it at Bristol on Friday :)

To be sung to the tune of Macarena

There’s a Russian dude from Hampshire who is playing English cricket
He’s got a slower ball and it’s really hard to pick it
If you get it wrong, you’ll miss the ball and hit your wicket
Hey! Mascherenhas!

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Sunday Cricket Team Require More Unfit Alcoholics

Iver Heath Cricket Club was formed in 1947 by a bunch of alcoholics looking for something to do when the pubs used to shut on a Sunday afternoon. Sixty years on and we’re still boozing!

We’re looking for new players to join our Sunday social side. Key requisites are:

* The ability to drink your own bodyweight in beer
* A photographic memory to recall outrageous umpiring decisions from years ago in order to bare long term grudges
* A sense of humour to enable you to take part in our sledging. Note: we never sledge the opposition, only our own players
* Cricketing ability would be nice too although not essential as we don’t want you showing any of us up!

We’re a friendly team who play our cricket hard but enjoy the social element of the game even more. We play our home games at the picturesque Farnham Royal ground which is between Beaconsfield and Slough. Most of our players live in the West London area so can provide lifts if you don’t have a car.

You can get a better idea of what we’re all about by visiting our website and laughing heartily at our career averages.


Drop us an email with your contact telephone number and one of us will give you a call back. We’re particularly short for this Sunday (26 August) so if you’re free and fancy a game, you’re in!

Why I’m Cheering For The Fat Fool

Saturday is the final of the 20-20 competition and I’m going to be cheering on Blob Rob Key and his Kent cohorts as they take on the might of…ermm…Sussex and then, presumably, Lancashire in the final. The reason? Well it’s because I’ve got another one of my silly bets on!

I picked up Kent each way before the last round at 8/1 so I’m hoping they at least make the final so I make my money back. The best price I could find for them was 16/5 through totesport so support Fat Boy Fat and back Kent to win and make the guys at King Cricket happy.

We love Rob Key...oh no...wait...that's the guys at King Cricket

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