England Win A Test Match

Ryan Sidebottom in his delivery stride

Hurrah! It’s been a long time coming but England have won a Test match for the first time since THAT game at The Oval and this time we didn’t need Darrell Hair. Instead we won it with a bowler with lots of hair.

I’m seeing a pattern developing here. England could do worse than calling up Chewbacca and Cousin It for the next Test.

My prediction that KP would post a big one came true in this match with his double hundred. Sadly it didn’t help me with my bet but there you go…

Talking of my betting prowess, I had another shocker this weekend. I’d put a wee wager on the football play offs and had Bristol Rovers, Yeovil Town and West Bromwich Albion in a treble. I really need to give up. Either that or offer an alternative tip service where people pay me to tell them what I’m backing and then put money on the complete opposite.

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  1. Matt Thornton (Six and Out)

    I feel the slightly, erm, “cynical” sentiment in you. I’m the same. What is it with us England supporters? When we get stuffed by Australia we’re critical, but when we beat the West Indies, we’re still a bit “well, whatever, it’s only the West Indies” ? It’s crazy.

    It was a good win and KP did bat well. Personally think Sideshow Bob should have got man of the match but hey-ho.

  2. Mike

    Cynical? Me? No…..well maybe a bit.

    Let’s be honest, Matt, this West Indies team is pretty pants isn’t it?

    Still a win is a win is a win, as they say, and after the disastrous Ashes series I’m just happy to watch an England Test match without covering my eyes.

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