The REAL Schofield Report

The Schofield Report was designed to improve English cricket by looking at the failings of the last 5 years and provide suggestions on how to move the game of cricket forward. If you haven’t seen it yet then there’s a nice summary over at The Corridor for you to have a look at.

The problem is that the media released version is so wishy washy. It doesn’t really say anything new. It just covers the same old ground. Too much cricket being played. International tours are draining. Balance of power. Yada yada yada.

Well there’s a reason behind this and, in a worldwide exclusive, Flintoffs Ashes can reveal the shocking truth behind the Schofield report.

It’s been doctored and we have the proof!

In time honoured tradition, the crusty old farts at the MCC and ECB have swept the truth under the carpet in order to maintain their control at the helm of English cricket. They didn’t want this document to ever see the light of day but we’ve managed to get hold of the REAL Schofield Report.

the shocking truth behind English cricket and their attempt to cover up the real Schofield report

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3 comments so far

  1. Will

    Superb! Very good indeed. More! We want more!

  2. Matt Thornton (Six and Out)

    Quality mate.

  3. Mike

    Glad you liked it, chaps :)

    Will – you will be getting more as I’ve decided to introduce Photoshop Friday. The first one promises to be a cracker ;)

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