When Photoshop Goes Bad

It’s raining at Lord’s so what better way to fill some time than look at my previous examples of Photoshop wizardry*.

Darrell Hair gets a new job

Red Bull gives you Wings **

BBC Headline Writer ***

Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath – Where are they now?

He’s the only leg spinner in the village

Monty Magic

Brett Lee comes out

That should keep you busy for…ooohh…minutes. Maybe the covers will be off in a minute.

* – I’d previously referred to them as crap Photoshopped efforts but Will over at The Corridor came up with an altogether more pleasing name for them. I’ll let you decide :)
** – Not actually mine but I thought I’d add it to the mix
*** – Not really a Photoshop job but still something that makes me chuckle

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4 comments so far

  1. Frankie G Louis

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  2. Mike

    Thanks for the plug, Frankie ;)

  3. Will

    I think that Frankie’s a spammer, Mike. Sent me the exact same comment which I binned. Anyway – enjoying your photoshopping as ever. You should do one a week

  4. Mike

    Yeah you’re probably right, Will. I guess I was just grateful for a comment…*sigh*

    Photoshopping – may well make it a weekly thing. Good idea! :D

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