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I’m a big fan of the King Cricket website. It nearly always makes me laugh and they update their site a darn site more than me!

However one of the things that bugs me about the site is their worshipping of Rob Key. Now I know it’s good to have cricketing heroes but Rob Key? When he made his debut for England I was convinced that some big wig at the MCC had bribed the England selectors to let his fat son play. Judging by his performances, I’m still not discounting it…

Anyway, the guys over at King Cricket are currently asking readers to send in pictures of their hero in various guises. For obvious reasons I haven’t submitted my latest crap photoshopped effort so I thought I’d share it with you guys instead.

Possibly the fattest player to play for England. Well recently anyway.

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5 comments so far

  1. Matt Thornton (Six and Out)

    Top work.

  2. Mike

    Well I do my best….

  3. Blue and Brown

    We’d have happily accepted this submission, but only on the grounds that it says ‘I’m #1 so why try harder’ on his shirt.

  4. The Atheist

    He looks a bit like Dave Gorman.

  5. Mike

    B&B – You have mail :D

    The Atheist – Hmmm….Now you come to mention it….

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