Australia Win Cricket World Cup

The longest World Cup in history has finally finished with the result pretty much everyone was predicting before a ball was bowled. Australia have convincingly won the World Cup in the gloom of Barbados.

Using the power of technology to the max, a friend of mine who was at the final has just sent me through a picture of Ricky Ponting lifting the trophy so here is a WORLD EXCLUSIVE photo. Feel free to download it and use it as your wallpaper. If any press agencies wish to purchase this photo, please contact me.

Ricky Ponting lifts the 2007 cricket World Cup - EXCLUSIVE!

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Just my luck

I missed the West Indies v England game yesterday. Turns out it was probably the best match of the “Super” 8′s. All those hours of watching rubbish games, England being humiliated, half empty stadiums and I miss the one exciting game where England win in front of a full house.


Oh well, the new season for my club started today. We won. Hurrah! My personal contribution? An edged boundary through the slips…

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Am I bovvered?

Hell, yes I am but what can you do? Sacking the coach, the captain and the chairman of selectors is the obvious knee jerk reaction but it won’t change the way we fundamentally approach one day cricket in this country. All it will do is shift the focus to the new incumbents and we’ll carry on as usual.

Until the ECB take their head out of their collective arses and start to restructure the English game, we will only ever be the also rans in one day cricket. The game has moved on but we haven’t.

Anyway, it’s too nice a day to moan and bitch about the state of English cricket. The new club season starts this weekend so I’ve just cheered myself up by ordering some new kit. Dunno if it will arrive in time for Sunday so I might end up like the fat kid from school who forgot his PE kit and end up playing in my pants but who cares? I’ve spent the winter watching crap cricket, it’s time to play some crap cricket too!

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England v South Africa

It’s a nervy start to the game and I’m not feeling altogether confident about our chances. Both openers already gone and the run rate down. We desperately need a good knock from KP or Freddie today.

Come on, boys. Let’s turn a performance in today, eh?

6pm Update: 154 all out. Oh dear. I can’t watch any more of this. I’m going out to drink large quantities of alcoholic beverages. Maybe I’ll come home to stories of bowling heroics by Anderson, Mahmood and Flintoff although I think there’s more chance of me coming home with Kylie…
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Looks like the Aussies are going to beat my tips for the Cup. Is there anyone who can match these guys?

Oh well, it’s England tomorrow against the Saffers for essentially the final place in the semi finals. Can we pull off a victory and become the most mediocre side to ever grace the final 4 in cricket World Cup history?

In other news I ache like a bastard after my first net of the season. Oh and I see the BBC website are now referring to the Andrew Flintoff boozing session as Pedalogate. As far as I can see, I was the first person to refer to it as such so I expect my licence fee to be refunded any day now. And finally, to the person who has been sending me hate mail for the Cricket is for poofs article – grow up :)

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Cricket Kit