Bob Woolmer murdered

I am saddened and shocked by the news that Bob Woolmer was murdered but, unfortunately, not surprised. My initial reaction when I heard the news that he was dead was one of suspicion. It’s no secret that there has been a problem with match fixing in Asia in the past and that the criminals behind it are not the kind of people who would want details of their involvement to become public knowledge.

Pakistan has just lost to Ireland and were out of the World Cup. Woolmer was about to publish his autobiography and possibly lift the lid on the Hansie Cronje affair. Less than 24 hours later he’s found dead in his hotel room? It was too much of a coincidence but I hoped that my suspicions would be proved wrong but, sadly, the confirmation that Jamaican police have started a murder enquiry has left me feeling sick to the stomach.

Malcolm Speed of the ICC has confirmed that the World Cup will continue as scheduled. Why bother? It doesn’t matter who wins, the 2007 cricket World Cup will always be remembered as the one where a decent, honest man was strangled in his hotel room.

Like the guys over at King Cricket, I question whether a site like this which tries to take a light hearted look at the beautiful game really has any place in a world where a man is murdered because of a cricket match.

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  1. Cricket Nut

    Whilst it’s a tragedy what has happened, the game must go on otherwise the people who murdered him will have won.

    Keep up the good work.

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