Old Man McGrath

Well it’s taken us a while but we’ve finally managed to get McGrath and Warne to retire. I was kind of hoping that it would be as a result of KP and Freddie despatching them to all corners of the ground as we retained the Ashes but I guess you can’t have everything.

Happy retirement, boys.

The greatest double act in world cricket call it a day

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  1. Amused

    Shane Warne could crap a better bowler than England will ever produce. No amount of mockery about his weight will ever change the fact that you’re all jealous. I don’t know what’s been more enjoyable, watching Warne or watching England complain about him. Enjoy the last two test matches, it will be your last chance to see the best bowler any of us will ever see in our life times.

  2. Mark

    Nice one!

    ‘Amused’ shouldn’t be so cynical- you’ll find every England fan on their feet at the MCG giving Warnie a well-deserved standing O – like we did at The Oval last year.

    Just because we complain, and take the piss about his weight- doesn’t mean we don’t recognise true greatness when we see it.

  3. mike

    The reason that I take the piss out of Warne and McGrath is because they’re outstanding players. If they weren’t any good, I wouldn’t bother. To prove the point, try to find anything on this site about Damien Martyn…

    I’m with Mark on this one. Every single England fan will be on their feet when Warnie picks up his 700th wicket and they will be on their feet again when two of the greats of the game leave the field for the last time at Sydney.

  4. sHANE warning you

    If WARNE is overweight, could he have gone on another 10 years to torture the hapless English OBE DECORATED one-hit-wonders? I think you’ll find that he was told to retire!! If he didn’t Cricket as a world game would be just Australia vs the rest..who can really beat Australia? The bset thing England did was too WIN in 2005, Why? because it brough some interest back in the game. Now we will shed a tear to see 2005-2007 as a highlight in cricket; as for the future of cricket, well Ausstrlia may nned to be HANDICAPPED , just like horsracing or something, maybe have Warne and McGrath bakc but with one hand tied behind their backs. Or!!! As Little fans know too well, they could be in a wheelchair to give the other teams a chance: EVEN THE WHOLE TEAM COULD BE IN wheel chairs, to even up the comp…Oh Well , What will happen in the one-day series???????????????? Australia win, or will they let ‘em win one game? England’s record? 7 wins -27 games? mmmmm. Against Bangladesh. Ireland, and whoever. Oh well, good luck England , you’ll need it!

  5. Shazza Warn

    Great pic, WARNE looks good, and we all know that ‘Little Britain’ fans that Andy can actually:WALK!!!! funny pic, too bad McGrath does not have long hair.

  6. mike

    Oh Shane,Shane,Shane…please don’t mention the one dayers. It brings me out in hives…

    Shazza – I had to find a pic where he had longish hair for it to work. Warne was dead easy. I just had to find a pic of him looking “special”…

  7. Simon


  8. Tazza

    lol this pic is pretty funny
    and it suits them

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