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As much as I’ve mocked him on this site, there is no doubt that Shane Warne will go down in history as one of the greatest players to have ever played the game of cricket. Patrick Kidd over at Line and Length sums it up nicely when he says

And I suppose the best way to understand Warne’s ability is that throughout the present series, I have felt stone cold terror in the pit of my stomach as soon as he has come on to bowl.

That is exactly how I have felt watching Warne bowl at English batsmen since that delivery way back in 1993. Test match cricket can sometimes drift along somewhat aimlessly over a 5 day period but as soon as Warne got the ball in his hands, you knew something was going to happen. Inevitably that “something” was a procession of English batsmen returning to the pavilion with a look of utter confusion on their face.

Cricket is going to miss him when he’s gone. It’s not just the viciously turning leg breaks that we’re going to miss. Oh no. When Warnie hangs up his golden boots after the Sydney Test, there’s something else that has become an integral part of watching cricket that will disappear forever.

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If you’ve watched any Test match involving Australia over the last 14 years you will be familiar with the sound of either Ian Healy or Adam Gilchrist uttering these famous words

Bowled Shane

These words have become an intrinsic part of watching Test match cricket over the last few years. There’s something almost warm and comforting about hearing them. It’s almost like a reassurance that everything is good in your world. You’re on the sofa and you’re watching the cricket. Life couldn’t be better, right?

Only we’re never going to hear them again unless by some fluke of nature that (a)someone actually calls their son Shane and (b)he becomes a cricketing legend. So with that in mind, Flintoffs Ashes presents to you

The Bowled Shane Sweepstake

It’s dead easy. I’ve split up the final 5 days of this Ashes series into bite sized chunks and all you have to do is guess at what point we hear our final “Bowled Shane”. Ever.

Now it’s highly unlikely that I’m going to be able to stay awake to watch every hour of play to monitor this so the assumption is that at some point during his final over in Test cricket that Jug Ears Adam Gilchrist will say “Bowled Shane” so if you think that Shane Warnes final over will take place between 2-3pm on Day Three, leave a comment with your guess on this post. Simple, eh?

The prize? Well I haven’t thought that far ahead. It all depends what crap Christmas presents I get this year, I guess, but there will definitely be the kudos of having guessed correctly and seeing your name in lights.

Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five
10.30 -11.30
11.30 – Lunch
Lunch – 2.10
2.10 – Tea
Tea – 4.30
4.30 – Close

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2 comments so far

  1. Patrick Kidd

    Merry Christmas. Thanks for the plug for Line and Length but in fairness I should correct you that the quote you used was from Nigel Henderson, my colleague who is out there with the Barmy Army but who emails me his postcards to publish.

    He’s right, though, Warne is some bowler

  2. mike

    Fair one. Thanks for pointing it out, Patrick :oops:

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