Third Test

England unveil their batting strategy for the Third Test

Steve Harmison gets in some batting practice before the Third Test

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  1. David Mitchison

    Im disapointed with england there selectors suck to say the least. Why pick ash Giles. He bowls like shit, they say he can filed but his dropped 2 sitters in 2 games one costing them a test match. He cant bat he has 1 50 in his 54 test carreer. They have a good spinner Monty yet they play Giles who is not a test cricket player. Then why Garent Jones he would stuggle 2 make aussie state level let alone international. His in the team instead of Reid because of his batting only 1 problem he cant bat. His avg is less then 30 thats shit. I wish england would wake up and pick players not bunnys. Drop them 2

    Thank you

  2. mike

    Hi David,

    I guess we need to sit and wait to see what the team for the Third Test will be. Looking at the side picked for the game against Western Australia, I suggest they’re using it as a bowl off for Giles v Panesar and Mahmood v Anderson.

    In terms of the keepers, I don’t think either is an outstanding international keeper but surely you should pick based on their keeping and not their batting. If you’re picking your time based on the length of your tail, you’re displaying a lack of confidence in your frontline batters.


  3. Tim


    Great blog you have here!

    Anyway, do you want to exchange links with my offering – ?


  4. mike

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for stopping by. I’ve added a link to your site in the sidebar.



  5. jamie

    Hello again. I stopped by in November, mildly scared you with loving references to Andrew Flintoff, and promised that I would be back to talk cricket at a later date. It will hardly surprise you to learn, however, that following the first day of the first Test, I slumped into a raging depression. Nothing – NOTHING – could console me.

    You have lifted my spirits, though, with the picture at the top of this post. I think it is a splendid idea that England have decided to use giant bats in the third Test. This seems like a sensible precaution to me. Occupation of the crease should become that little bit easier, certainly, and one would hope that a new willing to attack the ball and set the pace will also ensue.

    There are many, of course, who will call this outright and cowardly cheating. Not me. I think it displays initiative and ingenuity and a willingness to take the fight to their Australian hosts. I would like to see the England camp take this a step further, however. I feel it would be perfectly justifiable for the England bowlers to use tiny marbles with middle-stump homing devices implanted within them. This, I imagine, would allow at least the possibility of a draw in the third Test.

    If these tiny marbles were to be made invisible, and the Australian batsmen were blindfolded as a double precaution…well, there would be a very real possibility that we could have a competitive match on our hands. But that would just seem like cheating. Better to try the giant bat strategy first and see how it goes.

    I feel confident and hopeful again.

    Kind regards etc….

  6. mike

    Jamie I think you have come up with a plan so cunning that even Baldrick would acknowledge as being more cunning than a fox wearing a hat.

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