Could it happen?

I dozed off at some point during the second session of the day. When I woke up Collingwood and Pieterson were still there but I didn’t pay too much attention to the score so I’m going to have to catch some highlights to see the stumping and also Freddies dismissal because picking up on the word around the blogosphere, they both threw their wickets away.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. 293-5 with a day to go. Basically five wickets in 80 overs BUT a thunderstorm is on it’s way and due to hit The Gabba mid afternoon. Could it happen? Could we somehow escape with a draw in this Test? Can you imagine the stick Ponting would get if we did manage to salvage something from this game?

I’ve started a rain dance and I urge all English cricket fans to do the same. Basically it involves swaying from one foot to another, nodding my head backwards and forwards in a rythmic fashion and chanting “Rain, you bastard, rain!”.

It might just work.

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