Come on Dawn - give us a song!

I’m not really sure quite what the point of Australia carrying on batting was. Sure, Langer gets his ton but why stop there? If the point is to rub England noses in it, why not carry on? Get them to chase 700-750.

Oh well, all pretty much Roger Irrelevant anyway. It’s just a case of seeing how many of the remaining five sessions England can bat out.

The caffeine/Kronenbourg mix is playing havoc with my brain at the moment. I’ve just read back the last few posts on here. I don’t think all these sleepless nights are doing me any favours. Still, got a few days of ‘normal’ life again until it all kicks off again.

I’ve already made the decision to catch the Perth Test from lunch each day. A 5am start to the viewing day makes much more sense.

Oh well, off to the loo, have a smoke, put together another pot of coffee and away we go again. Come on, Dawn! Hurry up and start a tune. I need some sleep!

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  1. Steve Edwards

    I recommend you ditch the caffeine/Kronenbourg mix for a new paring of opiates/Barbiturates, perhaps.

    Lets face it half of the England team are obviously trying it as according to Wikipedia this “produce a state of intoxication with symptoms including loss of motor coordination, and impaired judgment.”

    Can KP and Jonesy bat until the rains come? No, but we’ll still be up watching anyway. Why do we do it?

  2. mike

    I think you might have a point, Steve. It’s definitely the Kronenbourg which is hampering my plans for all night domination.

    That’s certainly what my ex-wife use to say….

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