Marcus Trescothick

Marcus Trescothick is on his way home from the Ashes tour after suffering what the BBC Sport site say is ” a recurrence of a stress-related illeness”.

I know I made light of it in my previous post but this is obviously very serious and I’d be very surprised if we see Banger playing first class cricket again.

Confidence is one of the key factors in playing the game well. If you’re low on confidence, the chances are that you’re not going to play well. You start to question everything about your technique and try to change the things that made you a good player in the first place.

Putting cricket to one side for a moment, whatever is going on in his life behind the scenes will not be improved by his withdrawal from the Ashes squad. Somerset CCC have said that they will do whatever they can to assure Marcus is given whatever he needs to help him recover. With respect to Somerset, I’m not sure that cricket or the powers that run the game have the answer.

I’ve always liked the man and found him engaging when he’s been interviewed. I’m sure that the whole cricket community around the world will wish him a recovery from his illness and I just hope that the British media leave him alone. The guy obviously needs some time and space to work things out and certainly doesn’t need to be hounded by the press.

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