Barmy Army v Fanatics

Traditional Australian Sunday best

Greg Champion and Dave Brooks are a couple of Australian songwriters who have been commissioned by Cricket Australia to write some songs for the Aussie fans to chant in an attempt to combat the Barmy Army. ‘Champs’ and ‘Brooksy’ are just two in a long line of famous Australian songwriters along with…ermm…well lots of others.

The lyrics of the song, however, have meant that Cricket Australia are now reconsidering whether or not they should promote the song after all.

The lyrics are reproduced below and are sung to the tune of Advance Australia Fair

Fred Flintoff is a criminal,
Trescothick is a bore,
And Michael Vaughan’s a mummy’s boy,
And Ian Bell never scores.
Paul Collingwood can’t get a game
And Pieterson’s a flop,
If they’re the best old England’s got,
They might as well give up.

Lennon and McCartney it ain’t.

Clearly they haven’t got a clue when it comes to creating a classic cricket chant. For starters they missed out the obvious opportunity of getting ‘bore’ to rhyme with ‘whore’. Schoolboy error, chaps.

I’ve no idea what Advance Australia Fair sounds like. According to Wikipedia it’s the national anthem of Australia. Funny that, I thought it was God Save The Queen but there you go…Anyway, whilst typing out the lyrics words it struck me that you can sing it to the tune of My Old Mans a Dustman. Coincedence? Methinks not.

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5 comments so far

  1. Anonymous


  2. mike

    Thanks for the enlightening comment…

  3. belle

    to…God save the queen

    englands no good at sport
    wits their only retort
    they suck at sport

    god save their thug fan base
    their team is a disgrace
    they like last place

    we’ll be the winners
    we’ll be the grinners
    you aint got no decent spinners
    god help england

    (cause no one else will)

  4. Mike

    Nice work, Belle. However you have made an obvious mistake. It’s sung to the tune of “God Save YOUR Queen” :)

  5. belle

    lol, my queen she ain’t!
    I never tire of hearing that

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