Flintoff’s Ashes is back!

It’s a year to the day since I updated the old Flintoff’s Ashes website. Nursing a monstrous hangover after spending several hours in The Beehive next to The Oval, I managed to post some of the comments made by fellow drinkers in the pub after England’s victory in the 2005 Ashes series. I promised to write a match report on the Oval game within a couple of days and…ermm…didn’t :oops:

About a month later after the Ashes hangover had subsided, I started to write a match report but my heart wasn’t in it. Part of the fun of the old site was updating it each day with the latest drama and somehow it just didn’t feel right so the old site gathered dust for best part of a year.

Last month I decided to take the site down and put a For Sale sign up. However watching the recent series against Pakistan made me think seriously about putting the site back up again. After all, the next Ashes series starts in November. Freddie and the boys would be going back into action against Old Man McGrath and the Pie Eater again.

So here we are again! This time on a nice, new, shiny WordPress website which will allow not only me to update it daily but also other readers of the site. The new Flintoff’s Ashes website is more interactive and will hopefully provide some entertainment over the course of the winter as we take on the Old Enemy once more.

I’ll be tinkering with the site over the next week or two. I’ll be porting over the old Flintoff’s Ashes pages. Adding a few more features. Making it feel a bit more like home. If anyone wants to be a part of the site and write a few posts, feel free to drop me a line through the Contact page.

Spread the news, folks. Flintoff’s Ashes is back from the…ermm…Ashes!

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  1. Shazza Warn

    I think the English cricketer’s need to learn from Australian cricket.
    1. Eat more pies and baked beans.
    2. EAT humble pie.
    3. Bowl LINE and Length.
    4.Get a manual explaining what ‘line & length’ mean.
    5.Learn how to ‘SPIN bowl correctly.
    6.OLD people can play cricket, better than young fools.
    7.OLD people, have wisdom, experience and learn form their mistakes.
    8 Australians do not need OBE’S , to tell them they are great at Cricket.
    9.Australians could not give a XXXX abouT OBE’S.
    10 ….and “One swallow does not make a summer. (2005)

    N.B. Will Flintoff create history and create another urn for these teams to play for?
    That’s what started it all: an English loss…this time 5-0!!

  2. mike

    How about we burn that stupid tuft of hair under Warnes chin and play for that in future? Perhaps we could call it The Gashes.

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