BBC Sport headline

I’ve just been over at the BBC Sport website and seen the following headline on the cricket pages

Gibbs set for India police probe

I’m too scared to read the story. It’s conjured up a mental image that I hope goes away before I go to bed tonight.

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Inzy Banned

Inzamam-ul-Haq has been found guilty of bringing the game into disrepute and banned for four one-day internationals. He was cleared on the charge of ball tampering.

Where does the leave Darrell Hair? He was, after all, the guy who kicked off the whole sorry state by accusing the Pakistan team of cheating. His subsequent offer to resign if he received a $500,000 pay off has hardly endeared him to the cricket loving community.

It will be interesting to see how this develops over the next few days.

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Australian cricket tackles racism…

…proclaims the headline on the BBC News website with a picture of Jimmy Saville (aka Victor Flowers) and the Barmy Army in full swing.

Cricketing authorities in Australia have announced a new zero-tolerance policy towards racism in the stands.

They have threatened offenders with lifetime bans from their grounds.
(Taken from the BBC Website)

However, in this ‘zero-tolerance’ policy, it’ll still be OK for the Aussies to refer to English fans as poms. Apparently Cricket Australia spoke to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission to check if it the term pom would be considered a racist term and the answer was no because it’s origins lay in a historical term (prisoners of his majesty) which has no relevance to today’s society.

With that in mind I suggest that when the Barmy Army descend on the cricket grounds of Australia that they refer to their hosts as Former United Colonies King’s Wayfarers In The South.

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ICC Champions Trophy

October 27th. Mark it in your diaries. It could be an interesting fixture.

Pakistan v South Africa.

Darrell Hair umpiring. Dean Jones commentating.

Inzamam hearing this week

Ball tampering row hearing starts tomorrow

The long awaited hearing following the controversial Oval Test match starts tomorrow and is due to last two days.

Inzamam-ul-Haq faces two seperate charges of ball tampering and bringing the game into disrepute. He could face a lengthy ban if found guilty.

The 4th Test between England and Pakistan was abandoned after the tourists forfeited the game when 5 penalty runs were awarded to England by Darrell Hair for alleged ball tampering.

Hair, of course, went on to offer his resignation for a nice little earner of $500,000 just to make it all a little bit more interesting.

I’d be very surprised if Inzy gets done for ball tampering. There’s been no evidence so far to suggest that the Pakistan team did anything to interfere with the condition of the ball. On the charge of bringing the game into disrepute, though, he’s guilty as charged.

It doesn’t matter whether or not the umpires were right or wrong, their decision should be accepted as final. The right way to have done things would have been to complete the days play and then protest to the match officials. Inzy is a popular figure in Pakistan cricket and the behaviour of his team sends out the wrong signals to the thousands of cricket mad kids who will have seen the incident on TV.

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