5th Test – The Oval

Sadly I never got round to writing a match report for the final Test of the summer. I was far too hung over! Below are the comments from folks I met in The Beehive immediately after the game had finished

5th Test - The Oval - Voice of the Beehive

Beating Australia is all about being English
Chris Connelly (Chessington)

Flintoff’s Ashes means I don’t give a sh*t about Sven, Beckham and the English football team
Joe Latham (Opening bowler Chessington CC)

Get your sh*t stars off our flag!
Jack (Chessington)

This Test series has got me into cricket for the first time. I feel more safe around cricket fans than football fans. Flintoff is God! We love England – they are the best boys in the World!
Emma Barber (Wiltshire)

It was the 20-20 game where we showed them how to do it
John Rutland (Hampshire)

England won this cuz the Aussies can’t play reverse swing
Zee (Zimbabwe)

This is a dream come true. It’s better than winning the football World Cup. It’s not better than sex, though
Digger ( Durham)

Old Man McGrath treading on the ball at Edgbaston was the key moment of the series
Sahul (Wimbledon)

I almost quit my job to be here today. This is miles better than winning the rugby World Cup. People will be talking about cricket forever
Chris (Bristol)

I will start watching cricket more regularly than I did. I’ve lived in Kennington for 12 years and joined the gym just to watch the cricketers!
Helen (Kennington)

Cricket is the most fabulous sport on the planet. We had a tremendous team spirit. It was the passion of those twelve men that won the Ashes. It meant more to us than it did to them.
Richard Walsh (Woking)

This series has been enthralling because of it’s competitive nature and the camaraderie shown
Sarah (Westminster)

The people who celebrated the Ashes win had manners and dignity beyond any sporting fans I have ever known. The best of the best of English passion
Vicky (Woodnesborough)

There were plenty more quotes from people but, to be honest, by this point my hand writing had deteriorated to the point where I couldn’t read them anymore!

A big thank you to Chris from Bristol, Paul Shearman, James Septhon and James Damaa from Surrey for the beers and to Snuff and all the rest of the guys at The Beehive for a great night celebrating a historic day.

Andrew Flintoff – Ashes 2005 Performance
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