2005 Ashes Series

Andrew Flintoff and the England flag
Without a doubt the 2005 Ashes series captivated the nation. Exciting cricket being played to packed grounds with millions more watching on TV. The country hadn’t seen anything like it since 1981 when Ian Botham famously took on the Aussies and beat them in a series now known as Botham’s Ashes. Skip forward 24 years and England has a new hero. His name? Andrew Flintoff. Deadly with the ball and brutal with the bat, Freddie Flintoff is the new face of English cricket and the 2005 England v Australia series will always be known as Flintoff’s Ashes.
This series of pages originally appeared on the old Flintoff’s Ashes website. I hope you enjoy reading them and remembering those heady days when we spanked the Old Enemy!
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